PoP pride

I return from hiatus!…and dip into a bit of real talk.

Since I learned I was accepted for this position I have seen it as little more than a temporary occupation and a great adventure. Both of which are true.

However, for the past week I’ve had the enormous pleasure of hosting Tom and Emily from the New York office and touring them around my slice of Ghana. Emily, International Programs (IP) Director, gave a presentation on Day 1 of their visit that essentially mapped out the IP role within the greater PoP structure. Tom, CFO and HR Director, conveniently shared us on visuals of the organization flowchart. I – the bottomfeeder of the tank – came away from the conversation loving PoP.

This position is more than just a job now. It has introduced me to skills and perspectives I have gained anywhere else and it has given me both freedom and responsibility – which I’ve craved.

As both Tom and Emily were my house guests for the week, we spent many hours together weighing decisions: how is my reporting structure and should it change? in what educational sectors should PoP emphasize its work in Ghana? should we change our construction priorities? And many others.

I’ve missed sweeping conversations that surpass the detail-heavy data collection or small-goal-oriented photo capture and editing. Most of all, I value the investment of the NY staff in our international offices and after even that short visit, I find our staff culture to be phenomenal.

Six weeks in, I can say with confidence that I made the right choice.

And that feels great.


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