‘Bullshit’ is a Corporate Word

My colleague Anthony enlightens us on the origin of the word ‘bullshit’ and how it relates to the corporate world:

There was a bull, patiently waiting in his field. Chewing his grass and making his shit.

A bird was flying south because, you know, the weather was changing. He was beginning to feel cold. And while he was flying, the bird fell. He dropped out of the sky! And you know where he fell?

In the bull’s shit.

Now, the bird fell because it was frozen. It was so cold in the sky that he started enjoying being in the nice, warm shit. He enjoyed it so much, in fact, that he started singing!

And he sang so nice that a cat, who was nearby, heard the song and traced it to find where it was coming from. And when he arrived at the bird, who was still too cold to move, he stopped and began eating him!

The bird, for his part, said to the cat, “Bull shit.”

Thus Anthony illustrates that anyone in the corporate world is willing to string you along and sing sweetly to you, but once you bite…bull shit.

Not included: his frequent pauses for laughing and applications for input from the rest of the office.


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