Kakum | Ghana for Tourists

One thing I love about expat life is I can occasionally break and just be a tourist.

I can look like a tourist (a white person), act like a tourist (accompany Hendrich to buy that really expensive drum), and be catered to like a tourist. Ghana isn’t so savvy in the tourist-catering department, but at Kakum National Park, they do try.

Entrance to Kakum. On right is my friend Hendrich from Berlin.

Entrance to Kakum. On left is Hendrich from Berlin.

Kakum is located about 33km north of Cape Coast in Ghana’s Central Region. Arriving from Ho by public transportation (bus, tro-tro, and taxi) takes a solid 7 hours and change. Luckily I had divided that journey a bit with a stop at Cape Coast Castle and a wonderful night at Hans Cottage Botel – an overpriced, gimicky hostel with good people and good wildlife.


The park’s claim to fame is a canopy walk – suspension bridges in a trail around the canopy layer of the rainforest. Apparently only four such walks exist in the world and Kakum can boast the only one in Africa. Forget for a moment that the 40m-high walkway was designed by two Canadians and Ghana has a real claim to fame. The Ghanaians, at least, did build the bridges themselves.

But enough with history. Here’s the trek:

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I was joined by some of my favorite fellow expats Elka, Melli, Deborah, Becca, Kory, Hendrich, and Katherine for the weekend.


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