#TTtravels Part 4: Akatsi, Volta Region

The #TTtravels series (Teacher Training travels) documents my journey with Martin Momoda, PoP Laos Teacher Training Coordinator, to discover ways of establishing a similar program in Ghana.

Government support is critical to PoP’s presence in Ghana. Beyond gaining their blessing for school construction (since we build public schools), it is important not to ostracize them from our programs to enhance student learning.

We have a great opportunity to introduce a new method or set of materials that could potentially be implemented regionally or even nation-wide. That wouldn’t be possible without a government partnership. And so far, the Ghana Education Service has been wonderfully cooperative and helpful.


This is David, a very accommodating GES official who has supported us in developing a teacher training program.

As a team, our office traveled south to Akatsi [ah-KAHTchee] for the day and met with the District-level GES officials. Martin dug around trying to discover what problems GES identifies and what they hope PoP can provide. The officials readied a car to show off the model school in their district: Akatsi College Practice School.

Known for its student teachers (hence the name ‘College Practice’) using the newest and as a model for the best teaching methods around, there is a strong use of NALAP materials. In fact, at the KG level, we saw a near-perfect execution. Student standardized test scores are the best in the district and they seemed to enjoy their time spent at school.

This crowd greeted me the moment I stepped out of the car:

I spy an eager new Pencils of Promise mascott!Unfortunately, even with the excellent KG teaching we saw at College Practice, NALAP has a few gaps that need to be addressed. However, it is nice to have a  program to work with, especially one to which someone has already committed a great deal of time, research, and effort to perfect.

Teacher training proposal deadline is fast approaching.


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