#TTtravels Part 2: Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls

The #TTtravels series (Teacher Training travels) documents my journey with Martin Momoda, PoP Laos Teacher Training Coordinator, to discover ways of establishing a similar program in Ghana.

After a full morning at the Volta School for the Deaf, it was on to adventure number 2 for the day. Textbook research.

Okay, so maybe hiking to a waterfall is a stretch, but in some ways this was an important part of acculturation for Martin, who has never been to Africa, much less Ghana.

Part of effective teacher training involves developing proper materials to teach from. When government-issued textbooks are inconsistent in every way except their failure to teach effectively, additional resources are necessary. Martin will help develop a means of improving classroom materials and in doing so, he must be culturally conscious. This includes depictions of local birds, animals, market stalls, cash crops, trees, vehicles, etc.

Living in Ho, we have decent access to the city and trade elements, but the majority of PoP’s students come from rural areas. I thought a jaunt through the jungle to see the highest waterfall in West Africa might be a good introduction to some of Volta Region’s flora and fauna.

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