I have a habit of traveling on holidays. Just this year:

  • Flight Montréal to Frankfurt over New Year’s Eve
  • Flight Atlanta to Amsterdam to Accra on Queen Beatrix’ resignation. All hail King Willem-Alexander!
  • Drive Accra to Ho on Worker’s Day (think Labor Day, all you Americans)

And I must say, I like traveling on holidays. Holidays are cause for celebration, for a break from work, for enjoying the life you live and your place in it. Travel for me is holiday, so what better way to celebrate than by having it officially recognized…of a sort.

My arrival to Ghana was safe, uneventful, and so far I have had a royal welcome to the former Gold Coast. Photos to come.

At the airport a partner organization sent an employee to meet me at the airport. That first night I stayed at a hotel in northeastern Accra with ‘executive accommodations’ – I can attest: they were quite nice. Breakfast was served to me on a tray.

I have met wonderful people, including my coworker Anthony’s mother – a wonderful woman named Margaret, who prefers we call her Mummy. I’m sure I can handle that. As it was Worker’s Day her store was closed and she served us banku and soup for our surprise visit.

A stop by my house in Ho to unpack, then Jess and I were off to watch the Bayern-Barcelona match with some friends while sampling local beers. It looks as though I’ll have a chance to practice my German here after all, thanks to the German influence from the former Togoland. All our expat friends are from Germany or Austria, with a lone exception from exotic Florida.

My arrival has been a holiday  itself. Ghana has welcomed me with open arms, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The celebration only continues tomorrow as I start my first day with Pencils of Promise. Stay tuned.


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