Unemployment Entertainment

How the cash-strapped unemployed keep occupied – or – Shit I do:

  1. Check Twitter in bed
  2. Coffee
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Read job rejection emails
  5. Pray the rest have not rejected me yet
  6. Apply for more; update the spreadsheet that tracks which have/haven’t responded
  7. Search for jobs in [insert foreign country here]
  8. Coffee
  9. Finally create that CV I’ve been meaning to for half a decade
  10. Accumulate motivation
    1. Rumi proverbs
    2. framed Twitter Fail Whale photo
    3. Lines from Mark Whalberg’s character in The Departed
    1. Spanish guitar music, full volume
  11. Netflix marathons
  12. Shop online; buy nothing
  13. Instagram the dog
  14. Eat more bread
  15. Consider a tattoo
  16. Rearrange furniture; move it back before anyone notices
  17. Throw away “valuables”
  18. Play Free Cell because it’s impossible to lose
  19. Begin tackling my intimidating reading list
  20. Hope the weekends pass quickly so HR can respond to my applications

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