The truth about job-hunting

Okay, future employer.

After one month, I’ve now spent a lot of time in a place I love to hate: St. Louis, MO. Here I am, unemployed.

For years I’ve ragged on this city – complaining of its lack of activity, its poor public transportation, blatant racism, the prevalence of giant gas-guzzling cars, and the fact that most good events take place in Chicago instead – and have since the railroad was rerouted (history, look it up).

If nothing else, I have heaped criticism upon the weather in all its unpredictable glory.

But recently I concluded that I’ve short-changed this town in my internal reviews. St. Louis is a pretty great city to visit, all the free museums and parks and one of the best zoos in the world. There are enough landmarks and natural features to exhaust the most avid history and naturalist buffs. The downtown architecture impresses and inspires. Nearby farmers markets are quirky and lively. The local music is a blues/jazz/rock blend that can leave you tapping your toes, swaying your hips, or wiping tears from your eyes – sometimes all in a single song. St Louis is great too for micro-brew fanatic hipsters, myself included. We are a beer town with a successful sports team, after all. I was right about the piss-poor public transportation, though, particularly for those of us stranded in the suburbs. Thus the downtown marvels remain but distant memories and longings.

Sure, I knew that my current position was a possibility.

My graduating class has been warned of this since high school. We were told that the economy is against us, jobs simply aren’t available, and besides, we’re more intent on our toys and gadgets than we are in bettering the world. (Does this blog count? Likely.) Then again, we’re also called the Millennials and told that our generation is the most innovative and ambitious of its kind and the world is at our feet. Something doesn’t add up.

Well, future employer, this is one Millennial trying to live out the latter qualities. Except now my four dozen job applications are trickling back:

no, no, no,

we’re sorry but we’ve decided to offer the position to a candidate who more closely matches our qualifications,

no, no,

please keep us in mind for future employment opportunities,

no, no, no, no,


So thanks in advance, future employer, for being the one who says “yes.”


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